In this video, Joshua Casper shows you the many ways in which you can modulate your sounds with Wiggle by 2nd Sense Audio.

True to its name, Wiggle allows you to wiggle and modulate your patch in many different ways. One of the most unique features, and indeed the one which gave the synth its name, is the ability to modulate each of the main Operator’s control points with a built-in LFO. This makes for some truly unique sound design.

WIGGLE has 4 operators. Each operator’s wavetable can be dynamically customized by its 4 control points. Each control point has its independent built-in LFO. These build the basic characters of a sound.

The modulation fun doesn’t stop there though. There is the next level step sequencer, color coding FM synth controls for blending and bending the main Operators, and an X/Y Pad. Click and drag modulation envelopes to most any parameter and adjust the amount of the effect. And, much, much more.

Check out Wiggle by 2nd Sense Audio on Plugin Boutique.


[yotuube id=”1CcXiZdfDeY”]