Below you will find 6 video tutorials by Joshua Casper about the incredible plugin that is MXXX by Melda Production.

Learn Mid/Side Processing, External Side Chain Routing, Multiband Processing, Modulation Routing and more.

MXXX is an absolute powerhouse that allows the user to not only use and edit the over 500 hundred active presets – which are basically stand alone plugins – but also create complete new ones from the ground up. Every single parameter imaginable, I’m talking FULL CONTROL, is available for tweaking and manipulation. This is one of the biggest and best Plugins I have come across in 2018 and perhaps my life time!

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Video 1 | Introduction to MXXX

This is an introduction to MXXX and some of its key features.

Video 2 | General Overview & Getting Around MXXX

This is a general overview of the plugin and how to navigate it’s many layers. Start here if you have never seen MXXX before.

Video 3 | Setting Up Multi-band Processing

Multiband processing can be done in two ways in MXXX. Joshua shows you how to do both and talks about why you might choose one method over the other.

Video 4 | Setting Up Mid/Side Processing

Mid/Side processing can be done two ways as well, however in this video Joshua focuses on using the L/R to M/S module, then adding effects modules to either the mid or the side channel, and finally combing the signal back together using the M/S to L/R module.

Video 5 | Setting Up External Side Chain Routing

External and internal side chaining can be useful for a number of reasons. Getting it done is MXXX is a breeze. Let’s find out how!

Video 6 | Modulation Mapping & Use

Mapping modulation sources and destinations is easy in MXXX. It’s done by a process of recording actions and then fine tuning minimums and maximums.