In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper uses the new Auto-Tune Pro to correct the pitch of a singer from Brazil.

The video covers the all new Auto Key plugin that comes with Auto-Tune Pro. Auto Key automatically detects the key of any vocals, and in fact, it detects the key or anything. Once it has the key you can send that key to all instances of Auto-Tune Pro in your session. This is extremely helpful and will save you a lot of time if you have multiple instances of Auto-Tune in your project.

After discovering the key, Joshua use the 4 main knobs to fix the pitch of the vocal.

Re-Tune Speed

Re-Tune Speed is how quickly Auto-Tune will move an incorrect note to the correct pitch. High values mean faster corrects and result in more noticeable fixes. While lower values mean slower fixes. The manual suggests values between 1o and 50 garner the best results for most situations.


Flex Tune The Flex-Tune control allows you to preserve a singer’s expressive vocal gestures, while still applying the corrective tuning that Auto-Tune is famous for.

When Flex-Tune is set to zero, Auto-Tune Pro is always pulling every note toward a target scale note. When Flex-Tune is engaged, it only applies correction as the performer approaches the target note. As you move the control toward higher values, the correction area around the scale note gets smaller, and more expressive pitch variation is allowed through.


The Humanize function allows you to add realism to sustained notes when using fast retune speeds. One situation that can be problematic for pitch correction is a performance that includes both short and long sustained notes. In order to get the short notes in tune, you would need to set a fast Retune Speed, but this can cause sustained notes to sound unnaturally static.

Humanize applies a slower Retune Speed only during the sustained portion of longer notes, making the overall performance sound both in tune and natural.

Start by setting Humanize to zero, and adjust the Retune Speed until the shortest problem notes in the performance are in tune. If sustained notes sound unnaturally static, increase the Humanize setting until they sound more natural.

Natural Vibrato

The Natural Vibrato control allows you to either amplify or diminish the range of vibrato that is already present in your audio. If you want to create new vibrato where it doesn’t already exist, use the ​Create Vibrato​ controls in Advanced View.


Now, these four knobs will work for many situations where the singer is already pretty good and only needs a little bit of help. However, Auto-Tune Pro has far more advanced options to get things absolutely perfect. Perhaps Joshua will explore those in a future tutorial.

Check out Auto-Tune Pro by Antares on Plugin Boutique.