In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how easy it is to extract a melody form a deep house bass loop and turn it into a MIDI clip in Ableton Live 10.

While Joshua uses a bass loop for this video, you can do this with any melodic content. Ableton Live has 3 conversion options; convert harmony, melody and drums to new MIDI track. You will want to use melody for leads and other 1 note at a time clips, harmony will be your chords and pads, and drums will be for… well, drums. To see these options simply right-click on any audio clip in the timeline and look toward the bottom of the menu.

Once you have chosen to convert something to MIDI let Live do its thing. Then you will be presented with the MIDI clip and an instrument rack Live thinks sounds close to what it analysed. You can just delete that and drop your favorite VSTi onto the channel. Joshua uses Serum, but you can use whatever you want!

You might have to clean up the MIDI a bit, but that’s taught in the video below!

Check out the sample pack used in this tutorial – Poolside Deep House by Rankin Audio – on Loopmasters.