Have you ever wanted to isolate your the acapella from your favorite track to make your own remix, but didn’t know how or have the right tools?

RX7 now has the tools and the video has the know-how… let’s get started!

iZotope RX7’s release came with an all new and very powerful module called music rebalance. This module can be used to boost certain elements of a track, even after it’s been mixed, mastered and mixed down. Music Rebalance has 4 sliders for Voice, Bass, Percussion and Other. You can easily boost or reduce any of these, and, in many cases, completely remove or isolate any one of them too!

The video tutorial below fully demonstrates the full capability of this module and we know your going to have to pick your jaw up off the floor when it’s over 😉

Check out RX7 by iZotope on Plugin Boutique.