This is a tutorial on the Retronyms AudioCopy content app. This is where you can purchase royalty free samples and Loopmasters packs curated specifically for the Akai iMPC Pro 2 and also download the factory content for the Akai iMPC Pro 2.

AudioCopy makes it easy to copy and paste sounds to or from hundreds of compatible apps.

You’ll find dozens of Sound Packs you can use with your creations in the Content Store! Buy them once. Use them anywhere.

Sound Packs contain tons of music Loops and Samples that you can use in hundreds of AudioCopy-compatible apps, and other audio and music apps — iOS and beyond. Packs span many genres with content created by an amazing producer lineup. We’ve partnered with the leading publisher of royalty-free content, Loopmasters!

You can use Sound Packs from the Content Store in top music iOS apps like Launchpad, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Auria, DM1 and hundreds more as well as iMPC 2 Pro. Or drag your sounds to your desktop and use them anywhere.

Check out Sample Pack Deals on Loopmasters.