Joshua Casper has almost every plugin imaginable. He has been a music educator and instructor for years. We would think his personal opinion on such matters should carry some weight. Which plugin is his favorite so far in 2018? Let’s find out.

Not only does Joshua Casper tell us why he loves Trackspacer by Wavesfactory, but he shows us how to use it in Ableton live in a tutorial and demonstrates why its so powerful. If you mixes are suffering this seems to be the utility for you.

It uses a 32 band dynamic EQ to analyse incoming audio and then apply an inverse filter to whichever channel has Trackspacer on it. You can do this to varying amounts with the Amount knob, and you can even bypass certain frequencies from being effected with the Low and High Cut knobs.

Check out Trackspacer by Wavesfactory on Plugin Boutqiue.


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