In this video, you will learn about phase issues, phase cancellation, phase correlation meters, mono compatibility and more!

You will also learn how to use Phasemistress from Soundtoys to help correct any phase issues you might encounter in the mixing and mastering process.

On top of that, you will learn how to use the phase correlation meter in iZotope’s free Ozone Imager plugin which you can download it for free using this link! It is a powerful tool with a number of useful stereo imaging meters!

About PhaseMistress!

From funk-laced guitars to swooshing disco drums, to jazz-fusion keys and bombastic rock vocals, phase shifting is a wildly diverse effect that’s at the heart of countless records from the 60s to today. PhaseMistress captures the sounds of legendary phasers and packs them into one plug-in that takes this creative effect to the next level.At Soundtoys, [they] have a bit of a phaser hoarding problem.

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