In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to find the perfect deep house vocal sample in under 10 minutes using Loopcloud!

Loopcloud syncs your DAW to the Loopmasters store and allows you to preview hundreds deep house acapellas in the context of your track before you by them. They will be BPM synced and you can even process them in your DAW before deciding what to buy.

You can filter the vocals to the key of your track, but if that doesn’t result in enough options, you can use the auto-key feature which will pitch shift all the acaepllas into the key of your track automatically!

When you do find that right one, you can purchase and download the HQ version with one click. Then drag and drop it in your DAW.

In this video, Joshua uses deep house loops and samples from Artisan Audio.

Check out Artisan Audio on Loopmasters.

Download Loopcloud at