A few of Ableton Live’s Effect Devices have some hidden secrets; the Simple Delay device is one of them! Let’s check it out!

To get to the hidden parameters of any of the effects in Ableton Live, you need to right-click (Cntrl-Click) the “Context Menu”. In other words, the device’s title bar.

The simple delay offers up 3 different algorithms for processing the delay signal and each has a unique sound.

Changing the delay time while Simple Delay is processing audio can cause abrupt changes in the sound of the delayed signal. You can choose between three delay transition modes via the right-click (PC) / CTRL-click (Mac) context menu of the device’s title bar:

  • Repitch causes a pitch variation when changing the delay time, similar to the behavior of old hardware delay units.
  • Fade creates a crossfade between the old and new delay times. This sounds similar to time stretching if the delay time is gradually changed. Fade mode is the default option.
  • Jump immediately jumps to the new delay time. Note that this will cause an audible click if the delay time is changed while delays are sounding. Jump mode corresponds to the default behavior prior to Live 8. When loading Sets that were made in earlier versions, Jump will be selected automatically.

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