In this video, you will learn how to make impacts / explosions using only devices and effects in Ableton Live 10.

These techniques are great for breakdowns and build ups in any music genre or production context.

This is a continuation of the last Production Basics tutorial where we learned about some secrets of Live’s Simple Delay and put them to action to make the build up of this project.

Topics / Devices Covered in this video tutorail

  • Split frequency bands in an Effect Rack via Live’s EQ 8
  • Adding mono reverb to low and sub frequencies of a kick
  • Adding reverb and grain delay to the mid to high frequencies of a kick
  • Adding saturation to dirty the sound
  • Using the Glue Compressor to make things fatter
  • A few short cuts for working in Live’s arrangement view

Check out the Sample Packed FeaturedĀ in this video on Loopmasters.