In this quick tip style video tutorial, you will learn a few ways of reducing your computer’s CPU load while producing music in Ableton Live 10!

Hopefully, if you are lucky, you have a great computer with lots of power and you don’t NEED to know these tricks, tips and techniques. However, whether you need to know, or just want to know, this information is good to have!┬áKeeping the strain on your computer’s CPU low, or at least below 80%, is essential when you are trying to produce music in Ableton Live. Once you start kissing 90%+ the audio will start to jump and controls and other parameters will begin to act strange. Luckily, there are many ways of reducing strain on the CPU. Joshua Casper talks about three methods in the video.

The tips shown are changing the Reverb quality temporarily, turning of the spectrum view in the EQ 8 and, of course, the most popular and powerful tip, Freezing tracks.

Check out the Sample Pack Used in this video tutorial.