This is a video tutorial wherein Joshua Casper uses ShaperBox Bundle to get realistic sounding DJ Scratches on some vocal samples.

ShaperBox by Cableguys is perfect for this endeavor. The Time Shaper module plays a big roll in getting those scratching sounds, but there is much more to it if you want it to sound realistic.

For this tutorial, Joshua uses a song started from a pack on Loopmasters. It’s called DJ Vadim | The Dubcatcher Loops and it’s from the Loopmasters’ artist series and is #159.

Check out the pack DJ Vadim |The Dubcatcher Loops on Loopmasters.

You need to think about a DJ actually scratching a record, for example. They are pulling one word or phrase back over and over. So, you need to do that to your vocal sample. That is accomplished easily enough by duplicated a word or phrase a few times in the timeline.

You also need to think about the fader. A DJ cuts of the sound of the scratch usually. They don’t just pull the record back and push it forward for few times. To get the fader action Joshua uses the Volume Shaper module in the Shaper box. However, if you only have the Time Shaper module – each module is sold separately too – you can use an LFO tool or Auto Panner device to get similar effects.

All of this and more is covered in this video tutorial. It’s a good one!

Check out the ShaperBox Bundle by Cableguys on Plugin Boutique.