In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper puts RX7’s all new Music Rebalance module to the test on an activity it wasn’t really designed for. Let’s see how it holds up!

iZotope have only recently released the updated version of the industry standard suite for audio repair; RX7. Included in the long list of new and improved modules is the all new Music Rebalance module. This module is meant to work on music and sung vocals. You can easily boost any elements of a mixdown and even flat our remove elements. A truly remarkable and powerful tool for all sorts of applications.

However, in the video below, Joshua Casper uses it to boost a voice-over which was mixed too low in relation to the background music. While this is not the module’s intended use, as the dialogue is not melodic in nature, Music Rebalance works wonders and gets the job done with ease!

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