2017 was an incredible year for plugins. In order to demonstrate how powerful plugins are these days, Joshua Casper processes a vocal just using automated processes in RX 6, Neutron 2 and Melodyne and the results are mind blowing.

First up is the introduction with a quick peak of what the video series has to offer.

Next, Joshua cleans up the vocal recording using RX 6 Advanced. Just using the presets to get rid of breath noise, de-ess the the harsh “S” sounds, reduce plosives, and even get rid of any mouth clicking.

Then, before doing any further processing, Joshua runs the vocals through Melodyne Essential to correct the pitch by using the Snap to Scale, Pitch Correct and Pitch Drift controls.

Finally, it’s time for Neutron 2’s Track Assistant to take a crack at making the vocals pop with a bit of EQ, Compression, Saturation via the Exciter module.

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