This is a short video tutorial on reducing semblance, also known as De-Essing, using the Weiss Deess Plugin VST by Softube!

There are many ways to achieve De-essing of vocals. There are many devices that are made specifically for it as well. However, in our experience Softube and Weiss are both at the front of the class! So, when they combined on the Weiss Series of plugins we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them…. and when we finally did, we weren’t disappointed.

Watch the video below and listen to how well the Weiss Deess VST pushing those harsh sibilant sounds back while keep the sound pristine. If you would also like to check out the Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer by Softube, you can check that out here.

Check out Weiss Deess by Softube on Plugin Boutique.