In this video, Joshua Casper goes over 10 reasons why the all new Loopcloud 2.0 app by Loopmasters is an absolute game changer for music producers!


Get Loopcloud

  1. Browse the Entire Loopmasters Catalog

Loopmasters has the largest loop and sample library on the planet. Imagine being able to browse that entire catalog using intelligent browser and search features to find the perfect sounds for your projects. The entire library has been re-tagged to ensure precision to deliver you the exact results you are looking for in seconds.

  1. Preview loops/samples in real-time, in your DAW, with your track, before you buy

Once you know what you are looking for the Loopcloud VST allows you to preview sounds from the Loopmasters catalog in real-time and in the context of your project right in your DAW. You won’t find this capability anywhere else, only with Loopcloud. Not only that, but you can be 100% certain each and every sample, sound and loop you buy is perfect before you pay for them.

  1. Process sounds before you buy

Taking things a step further, the Loopcloud VST allows you to fully process the sounds from Loopcloud in real-time. So, you can add reverb, roll off the low end, and spice them up with a bit of Saturation from your favorite plugins again, before you even make the actual purchase.

  1. Buy only what you want, no subscription

Loopcloud uses a point system. You buy as many points as you want and use them whenever the time is right. They don’t expire and there is no pressure to spend your points before a deadline.

  1. Auto Key feature

The all new Auto Key feature automatically pitch shifts the entire library of sounds into whichever key you would like, which makes finding the perfect loop or one shot a breeze.

  1. Searching for Key Tags

While we are on the subject of Keys, using Loopcloud’s browser to find loops and samples in specific keys actually works. If you type in E into your DAWs browser you’ll get cluttered results because E is the most common letter in the English alphabet. If you use Loopcloud’s Key search function, you’ll get the results you are looking for.

  1. Patterns for one shots

One shots are just as important as loops. Loopcloud knows that. There are a number of patterns that can be used to trigger one shots, again BPM synced to your DAW, so you can hear how that snare sits in your mix, before you buy it.

  1. Original / Processed versions

Once you have bought a one shot or a loop you can download the high-quality version. Not only that, but you can drag and drop the original file, or the processed version into your DAW. The processed version will be already BPM synced, Pitch Shifted and have any patterns already applied so you don’t need to redo anything!

  1. Cloud Storage

Once you buy a sample it stays in the cloud. It’s yours to download whenever you want. However, why take up expensive hard drive space if you don’t need to? Let Loopcloud be your storage system for your Loopmasters audio files!

  1. 150 Free Samples Every Week

If all of that wasn’t enough, Loopcloud & Loopmasters give away 150 news sounds, samples, loops and one shots every week! Just launch Loopcloud and go to the NEW INSPIRATION FROM LOOPMASTERS folder at the top of the browser. Preview the files and when you find something you like just CLAIM FREE CONTENT to make it yours. You don’t even need to download it immediately. Just claim what you want and download it when you need it. After it’s been claimed it’s yours forever!