Colour Copy is a vintage analog style delay unit based on vintage Bucket-Brigade Devices that use a line of capacitors to delay an audio signal making a very unique audio effect!

U-he didn’t just stop at making a great delay device, the also added unique colour morphing, with saturation for non-linear effects such as distortion and/or resonance. These are located in the Feedback Colouration section and give the plugin its name. From the low-range rumbling, slowly evolving delays to the highly resonant, screaming characters. A single knob lets you continuously blend between the five finely-tuned “colour” macros. The differences may be subtle, but each one is rich in detail.

If you are looking for warm and rich saturation tones in your delay lines, Colour Copy is a VST you will want to check out!

Check out Colour Copy by U-he on Plugin Boutique.


[yotuube id=”Xm8ktMD_fwQ”]