Focus One is a multi-effect by the EDM duo Sick Individuals. It has 5 unique FX sliders that can be combined to make a big impact on the final character of any sounds!

  • Focus – Advanced compression that slams your sound in a unique way. Toughen up your mix.
  • Boost – A specialized EQ to boost your leads. Enhance your sound and cut through the mix.
  • Drive – High-resolution distortion to give more crunch and punch. Add harmonics to your sounds.
  • Widen – Mid-side effect that opens up your stereo image, adding substantial size to your mix. Make everything sound huge.
  • Pulse – A smart tremolo effect, automatically synced to your BPM. Create excitement and energy.
  • Extreme Mode – Switch to extreme mode and push your mix beyond the limits. Make it SICK.

Check out Focus One by Sick Individuals on Plugin Boutique.