Audiomodern has a top notch collection of Kontakt instrument libraries and Paths II is a great representation of that!

In this video, Joshua Casper reviews the main features of the library and demos more than a few of the song starter construction kits contained within!

These 25 songs fit into a genre of their own, but I would agree with the product description when it says “Dramatic Electronica and Neo-ambient Cinematic styles”. As noted above, there are 25 different construction kits found in this particular library making up over a gigabyte of content. Each song starter is compromised of 6 stems which you can mix and match and/or output on separate audio channels for further processing in your DAW if the built in FX abilities aren’t up to snuff.

If you are looking for great sounding inspiration to get you motivated for your next film, commercial, video game or cinematic style music production, Paths II is the right place to start!

Check out Paths II by Audiomodern on Plugin Boutique.