In this video, you get a brief overview of the key exciting new features in Pro-Q 3 by Fabfilter!

The Pro-Q is known the world over as one of the best digital equalizers. Pro-Q 3 continues that sentiment with some stunning new features and updates. Each of the 24 possible filter nodes can now be dynamic. They can attenuate or boost the signal once a designated threshold is crossed. What’s more, is that each filter node can process the mid, side, left, right or stereo audio! That’s a huge boost in power right there!

There is also a cool new feature called Spectrum grab. When activated this feature shows you a frozen average of the EQ curve which you can simply click and drag up or down to make quick and accurate filter decisions. Once you’ve clicked and dragged a filter node is activated on that frequency position and the boost or cut is reflected as well. 

Finally, there is the ability for cross-channel communication between any and all Pro-Q 3’s in your DAW session. This allows you to overlay any two filter spectrums at the same time in the large spectrum display or you can also see all the mini spectrums at the same time in the MINI spectrum view!

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