Quanta by Audio Damage uses granular synthesis to create unique sounds filled with character and detail, unlike anything you’ve ever heard! Let’s check it out in this video!?

Quanta is a ten-voice true stereo granular synthesizer that allows you to drag and drop any audio files into its main interface. It then analyses that audio and can create up to a hundred 1000ms grains per voice. These grains are kind of like single cycle wavetables that you might be used to in other synths like Serum, Synth Master and Avenger. This apraoch to synthesis lends itself to movement, character driven detailed sounds!

Quanta also has a number of other great features. There are 4 Flexible Envelope Generators (FEGs), 3 Flexible LFOs, Dual Multi-mode Filters, an side-car Oscillator, and more.

In this video below, Joshua Casper reviews the main features of Qunata and also does a little bit of sound design to make an evolving pad.

Check out Quanta by Audio Damage on Plugin Boutique.