In this video, Joshua Casper shows you around the STA Delay by Audified. STA stands for Summing Tube Amplifier which gives the delay lines a rich warm sound.

There are also 5 Valve Circuit Modes Available. The valve saturation colour of the STA Effects depends on the Mode selection. Changing the type of  tube circuit, affects the tube working point and frequency response.

P – Presence – a higher amount of mid-high frequencies allows better cutting through the mix.
V – Vintage – has smoother highs and more even harmonics.
B – Brown – has an almost flat response with only light high frequencies rolling off and nice higher harmonics punch.
W – White – has a higher amount of higher frequencies and a balanced ratio between the even and odd harmonics.
L – LoFi – contains less low and high frequencies. We make our plug-ins as real as possible with all the natural analog feeling and side effects.

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