This is a massive preset player that contains over 1,700 presets for you to enjoy! There is sure to be more than a few things that are perfect for your next project!!

KV331 Audio are no strangers to the VST & VSTi game. Their Synthmaster plugins consistently list among the top synths wherever and whenever such lists are compiled. That’s why it’s awesome that you can get the incredible sound engine in the Synthmaster Player at such a low price… and with over 1,700 presets crafted by a bunch of profession sound designers!

Each preset has a number of controllable parameters, but for the most part you are limited to what you can do to tweak the sound in engine. If you are looking for that extra control you will want to check out Synthmaster One or, the big daddy, Synthmaster.

Check out Synthmaster Player by KV331 Audio on Plugin Boutique.