Twistor by K-Devices is an extremely impressive Max for Live step sequencer modulator that works in many situations! K-Devices never disappoint and this audio effect continues that tradition!

In this video, Joshua Casper takes you through the main parameters and shows you how easy it is to change up a lead from one thing to something completely different by tweaking a few of Twistor’s knobs.

Twistor is easy to master.You can start considering a classic step sequencer modulator: steps of a given duration sending values to a controlled parameter, according to a time resolution. The main difference with a classic step sequencer is that in Twistor each step can have different duration: by modifying the single step duration, and by manipulating the entire pattern. The modulator signal is scaled by minimal and maximal values, to perfectly fit your target’s range and purposes. You can change the duration of the pattern, changing time resolution, or by using the Rate parameter to let a given length of 1 bar become one half, the double of it, one time and a half, etc, always keeping the same number of steps, and, very important, the sync with Live’s transport!

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