In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you a cool technique on getting reverse delay lines that lead into some vocals using Echobode by Sonic Charge.

Of course, this technique can be applied to anything and you can use any effects. While the video focuses on delays, you can easily achieve incredible results with reverb as well. Though, it’st he author’s humble opinion that reverse reverbs are everywhere, while the unique delay styles of Echobode in reverse is an incredible under used source that could easily set you music apart from the rest!

The key here is to cut of a little bit of the very first sound of something, that first word of a vocal phrase for example as used in the video. Then you want to reverse that clip and add your effect. Then either freeze and flatten (Ableton Live) or bounce, resample, record the effected audio. Finally, re-reverse that new bit of wet audio and put it before the originally sampled clip.

Boom goes the dynamite! Watch the video to learn the whole process step-by-step in under two minutes.

Check out Echobode by Sonic Charge on Plugin Boutique.